Become a freelancer

Many of us dream of leaving the rat race and becoming our own boss. Below we talk about some of the pros and cons of becoming a freelancer

Introduction to becoming a freelancer and either working from home or onsite

We all have dreams from escaping the rat-race which is a 9 to 5 job, or any other job for that matter! Taking the first step to being your own boss and having the benefits of working from home is always going to be the hardest.

There are not many people who will give up a paid job to see if they can make a living working from home. It is a huge step and in most cases, property and livelihoods could well be at stake. We are here to help you make the move to the most sought after job on the market – working for yourself at your own leisure.

Top tips for working for yourself

  • Ensure you have enough funds available for the first 6 months of your work from home venture. This includes bills, equipment, marketing, phone calls, food, gas and electric etc. This is the most vital time whether your new business will succeed or fail. See Savings Guide – Ways To Save | Post Office®
  • Work the hours that will fit in with your home schedule. Many home businesses or freelancers fail because home life was not taken into account in the business plan. It is not a good idea to be answering a phone to a prospective client with a baby crying in the background! See: How to keep a work-life balance – Family Lives
  • Create and stick to a business plan and always pump back in any profits in the first 6 months to further promote your business. Taking out money at this early stage could prove fatal. See: Write a business plan – GOV.UK
  • Keep focused, stay with your means and always check out local competition and probably the most important tip of all is to keep yourself protected and your new business safe by talking out the right insurance for your chosen profession. See: Freelance and Mobile Insurance for Holistic, Hairdressing and Beauty